Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna Specs & Differences

With crossovers and SUVs attempting to steal the spotlight Nowadays, minivan comparison had to step up their game to remain competitive from the family-mover market. Both Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna rose to the occasion by providing the ideal combination of Performance, relaxation, and also features modern drivers need. If you’re now in the market for the minivan, it’s worth its time and effort to consider the virtues of the Odyssey and Sienna. Since you’ll immediately see, Honda and Toyota are outside to triumph over the masses with these two impressive minivan offerings. This is the way those two vehicles stack until the rivalry.

Toyota Sienna Overview


While browsing for a used Toyota Sienna for sale, you’ll Notice its current facelift. The restyled headlights, grille, and bumper give the Sienna a competitive, low-slung appearance. The rear bodywork remains mostly unchanged, likely because of how the sporty taillights perfectly complement the front-end upgrades.


Late-model Siennas possess a Potent 3.5-liter V-6 and Six-speed automatic also, although the Sienna engine is still fantastic for 296 horsepower. To increase Performance, notably in hazardous weather situations, you’ll be able to switch about the Sienna’s all-wheel-drive program. The use of AWD can increase total gas consumption, that could make Toyota decidedly less fuel efficient compared to its competitor.


Even the Sienna makes passenger relaxation a priority with the Addition of reclining sofa chairs for up to eight passengers. This arrangement remains highly customizable with the use of slipping mechanisms for the two back rows. By moving the chairs back and forth, you’re able to release legroom or create walk through aisles to get improved passenger access and relaxation. All of the rear seats are removable to free up a large volume of cargo space.


Both the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are Packed with Convenience and entertainment features. Having its automatic high beam buttery and 180-degree panoramic view backup camera, the Sienna isn’t any slouch in this field. Benefit and amusement attributes abound too since the Sienna comes armed with:

16.4-inch LCD screens

Wireless Head Phones

Push-button-open rear liftgate

Smart key and invisibly begin.

Honda Odyssey Overview


The Honda Odyssey’s upgrades, However, are still an Advancement on the classic aerodynamic look that has won over its followers for its past two decades. While it might lack the sportier attributes of the Sienna, the Odyssey’s traces and bodywork give the vehicle an air of elegance. The shift from rounded to boxy lines does provide the overall look balance and poise.


As with all Honda vehicles, the Odyssey offers ample Performance thanks to its 248 horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 powerplant. An advanced cylinder-deactivation system enables this minivan to remain highly fuel efficient without sacrificing too much on power.


From the Odyssey, there’s space to allow up to eight passengers Ride in relaxation while dispersing round three rows of chairs. Passengers up front can eliminate the center console for only a little extra breathing room during long trips. The third row, 60/40 bench seat folds down to free up freight room for shopping bags and gear.



Both the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are Laden with Convenience and entertainment functions. The Odyssey provides convenient features designed to help make the ride fun for all. Features including:

Chilled cooler

DVD entertainment system

On-board vacuum

Voice-activated GPS and navigation platform

The Odyssey also comes equipped with a forward collision Warning system, blind spot camera, along with a backup camera.

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