How the Toyota Prius Beat the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

Although it has significantly less distance, the Toyota ioniq rear seat is more Comfortable and functional, as a result of its back air-con vents along with proper door bins.

Key into this Prius’ success as the world’s most popular hybrid


The Prius’ in overall output is more significant, too. The gas engine Currently produces 98bhp on its (downward 2bhp), while the entire system output signal has fallen out of 136bhp into 120bhp.

Of Course, the new Prius is marginally slower compared to the older One, shooting 11 minutes, or 0.6 of another more, to move from zero to 100km/h. Nevertheless, because we will see later, these characters do not tell the whole operation narrative.

As the Prius’ drivetrain is a proven one, it’ll be a few.

Slower than the Prius’, the Hyundai feels more reactive than its equal. Every bend of the right foot is instantly rewarded with forwarding motion, and also the brake pedal has a lot more confident feel.

Truly improving the Ioniq’s responsiveness is its own 6-speed dual clutch gearbox, that is fast and seamless. And the gearbox does not overeat whatsoever throughout”creeping” maneuvers or slow internet traffic circumstances.

When I want to Enjoy certain”dynamic” maneuvers, the Ioniq is excited to respond.

When I choose”S” manner, the sole additional driving manner accessible From the Ioniq, the fastback hastens more desperately, holding to each ratio more when compared to the usual hybrid should really.

Interestingly, “S” manner additionally creates the tool panel seem Sportier — the speedometer is swopped to get a tachometer, with speed read-outs at the center.

The Ioniq Also Provides manual override that, at the circumstance Of an eco-friendly car or truck, seems out of place. But I am not complaining, uniquely if it enables me to have a little fun.

There is no respite from green in the Prius; however, Which includes a continuously variable transmission with no manual. There exists a”Sport” setting. However, it will not get the car feel as excited since the Ioniq.

At any speed, the Prius’ purpose is to be eco-friendly, and

Isn’t far off the Prius’ mark, and also the 45-liter tank provides a possible assortment of 1152km. But because I discovered that the Ioniq’s operation more for my liking, so I just managed a mean of 19km a liter.

Involving the two fastbacks, ” I favor the Ioniq’s Slightly faster ride and superior handling, instead of the Prius’ more pliant disposition and tendency to lean around corners.

At the same time, I’m also impressed by the Prius because it has raised the (salad) bar even higher than before.

When it comes to green motoring, the Prius is still the hybrid to beat.

However, I am more convinced by Ionic’s design and driveability. The Prius’ styling can be somewhat much for me, also as a petrolhead, and I’d happily trade a little bit of ride comfort for nimbleness round stinks.

In its attempt to”scale Mount Everest,” the Ioniq Has not precisely reached the summit.

The Hyundai’s just openings are it is not As ample or as frugal while the Prius.

Had the Ioniq matched the Prius into Both of These facets, then The results with the white-hot green conflict might have been different In Deed.

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